A preliminary numerical analysis of the red oak complex in Michigan and Wisconsin USA

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1977
Authors:R. J. Jensen
Date Published:1977
Keywords:-HYBRIDIZATION, -QUERCUS-VELUTINA-OPERATIONAL-TAXONOMIC-UNIT-PRINCIPAL-COMPONENTS-ANALYSIS, -Taxonomy, [26070-] Fagaceae-, Angiospermae-, Biogeography-: Population-Studies, Computational-Biology, Dicots-, Dicotyledones-, Fagaceae-: Angiosperms-, Genetics-, Mathematical-Biology:, Plantae-, Plants-, Population-Genetics: Population-Studies, QUERCUS-COCCINEA-QUERCUS-ELLIPSOIDALIS-QUERCUS-PALUSTRIS-QUERCUS-RUBRA, Spermatophyta-, Spermatophytes-, Systematics-and, Vascular-Plants

Individuals representing 5 taxa [Quercus coccinea, Q. ellipsoidalis, Q. palustris, Q. rubra and Q. velutina] and numerous unidentified OTU [operational taxonomic unit] of red oaks native to the western Great Lakes region of the USA were examined through principal components analysis. Two data sets, 1 consisting of 20 untransformed characters and 1 in which various characters were redefined as ratios, were employed for comparative analysis. Although minor differences are noted, the 2 data sets provide essentially the same view of the relationships between the included OTU. The 5 taxa appear to form more or less discrete groups with the unidentified OTU occupying positions of intermediacy. The results support previous conclusions that extensive hybridization occurs among the red oaks of this geographic region.

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