Hills oak (Quercus ellipsoidalis) in southern Ontario, Canada

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1981
Authors:P. W. Ball
Journal:Canadian Field-Naturalist
Date Published:1981
Keywords:[26070-] Fagaceae-, Angiospermae-, Biogeography-: Population-Studies, Dicots-, Dicotyledones-, Ecology-: Environmental-Sciences, Fagaceae-: Angiosperms-, Morphology-, Plantae-, Plants-, QUERCUS-COCCINEA-QUERCUS-VELUTINA-MORPHOLOGY-RANGE-EXTENSION-HABITAT, Spermatophyta-, Spermatophytes-, Systematics-and-Taxonomy, Vascular-Plants

Hills oak (Q. ellipsoidalis) is reported from several localities in southern Ontario near Galt and Brantford. This represents an eastward extension of the range of the species of > 200 km. In most localities in this area the trees occur in fence rows and hedgerows, and with the increasing urbanization and road widening that is occurring, many are in jeopardy. The distinction between Q. ellipsoidalis, Q. coccinea (scarlet oak) and Q. velutina (black oak) was made from leaf, bud and acorn characteristics.

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