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Quercus muehlenbergii Engelm.

(Chinkapin Oak)

Plant Accession: #215-91*1 seed

Source: From seeds wild collected by The Morton Arboretum, 8 mi. east of Nebraska City, south of IA 2, on top of east bluff overlooking Missouri River in Waubonsie State Park, Fremont County, Iowa, U.S.A

Location: Quercus: L-103/48-67

Oval shaped tree 23' high & 23" wide in good condition. Trunk bark fissured, flaky, and light brown. Twigs light reddish-brown; previous year light brown. Acorn light brown, RHS #199-B. (IL-MOR-MH110 is second collection to 13366v12.)

Chris Courtney, Charlene Kubic


July 11, 2012

Phylogeny of the New World oaks: Diversification of an ecologically important clade

across the tropical-temperate divide. (2012-2015 NSF Grant, DEB 114648)

Photographer: Albrecht, William. Publisher: Albrecht, William.

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