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FAGACEAE Yolo County

Quercus engelmannii Greene

Location: CA, USA; UC Davis Arboretum, Shields Oak Grove, Grid #14-C4; Shields Oak Grove Tree #228; Living Collections Number: A65.0011, Qualifier 20466. (Elevation: 50 ft.)

Plant Attributes: DBH: 36 cm; Height: 15 m; Other trees are with in around 25 ft. on all sides. Leaves for voucher are somewhat shaded, although tree does get noon sun. Leaves are brittle. Not much/if any new growth. Two leaf margin types. Some spent flowers remain on tree.

Source: CA: San Diego County: Cedar Canyon, Otay Mtn.: dry stream side. 500 ft. Wayne Roderick s.n

Marlene Hahn


May 10, 2012

Phylogeny of the oaks of the Americas: Diversification of an ecologically important

clade across the tropical-temperate divide. (2012-2015 NSF Grant, DEB 114648)

Photographer: Albrecht, William. Publisher: Albrecht, William.

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