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FAGACEAE Yolo County

Quercus engelmannii Greene

Location: CA, USA; UC Davis Arboretum, Shields Oak Grove, Grid #14-E2; Shields Oak Grove Tree #218; Living Collections Number: A67.0977, Qualifier 20421. (Lat: 38.528681, Long: -121.764312, Elevation: 50 ft.)

Plant Attributes: Two trunks starting ~ 2 ft; DBH: 44 & 27 cm. Height: 12.2 m. Some spent flowers on tree. Trunk is dark brown. Twigs are smooth & lighter gray/brown. Branches touch the ground on the west side of the tree.

Source: CA: San Diego Co.: Collected on a field trip November 13-17, 1967 2.0 miles from Hauser Creek Camp Ground along Hauser Creek Rd. R. Gankin s.n. 15 Nov 1967

Marlene Hahn


May 10, 2012

Phylogeny of the oaks of the Americas: Diversification of an ecologically important

clade across the tropical-temperate divide. (2012-2015 NSF Grant, DEB 114648)

Photographer: Albrecht, William. Publisher: Albrecht, William.

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