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FAGACEAE Yolo County

Quercus kelloggii Newb.

Location: CA, USA; UC Davis Arboretum, Eric E. Conn Acacia Grove, Grid 5-A3.; Living Collections Number: A96.0015, Qualifier 92192. (Lat: 38.532272, Long: -121.755868, Elevation: 50 ft.)

Plant Attributes: Height: 4 m. Medium tree with low branches. According to Emily Griswold, this individual did not look typical for species; there is more pubescence on leaf than expected.

Source: Purchased from CDF Nursery, Davis, CA. Seed origin 994.55 lot 8004. Originally collected at 5200 ft elev., San Bernardino Co., 2N, 3W, Sec 1. Received 18 Dec 1995.

Marlene Hahn and Emily Griswold


May 12, 2012

Phylogeny of the oaks of the Americas: Diversification of an ecologically important

clade across the tropical-temperate divide. (2012-2015 NSF Grant, DEB 114648)

Photographer: Albrecht, William. Publisher: Albrecht, William.

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