TitleHandbook of the trees of the northern states and Canada east of the Rocky mountains. Photo-descriptive
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Title: Handbook of the trees of the northern states and Canada east of the Rocky mountains. Photo-descriptive
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Hough, Romeyn Beck, 1857-1924
Subjects: Trees -- North America
Publisher: Lowville, N. Y., The author
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POST OAK. Quercus minor (Marsh.) Sarg.^
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Fig. i88. Fruiting branchlet and an assortment of leaves and acorns, i ; branchlet in winter, 2.189. Trunk of tree near St. Louis, Mo. Handbook of Trees of the NoRTirEKX States 167 The Post Oak is usually a tree of mediumstature attaining a height of 50 or 00 ft., butin the exceptional forests of the Ohio basin itis said to attain a height of 100 ft. and ilStrunk a diameter of about 3 ft. When growingin the open fields it develops a rounded orobovoid top with stout branchlets and shiningdark green foliage, which in autumn turns tovarious shades of yellow and brown. It is one of the most marked of our oaks inthe peculiarity of its leaves, which, tufted atthe ends of the branchlets in great star-shanedclusters, suggests at once tlie ajjpropriatenessof Wangenheinis name, Q. sf el lata. It inhabitslimestone ridges and sandy ))liins in companywith the Black Jack. Red, Wliite and otherOaks, the Sassafras, Gums, Flowering Dogwood,Red Cedar, etc. Its heavy, hard and durable wood is valuedin t

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